Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are introductory answers to our most frequently asked questions. Click on a question to view the corresponding answer.

  1. What are the minimum requirements to become a driver with Pro-Motor?
  2. To register with Pro-Motor you must:

    • Be the primary driver of the vehicle, or notify the primary driver
    • Be at least 17 years of age and hold a clean full UK driver's licence
    • Hold valid vehicle insurance for the period of the contract
    • Hold a current MOT for the vehicle
    • Hold valid road tax for your vehicle
    • Hold no convictions for drink driving, manslaughter or causing death by dangerous driving
    • Agree to our Terms and Conditions presented prior to the contract start

    These details will be checked prior to the contract start.

  3. What will be on my car?
  4. An experienced professional will carefully apply the high quality adhesive vinyl film to the external surface of your vehicle. For windows, a unique film will be used that appears transparent from the inside of the car. This means the driverís vision will not be restricted. The vinyl is a pre-printed temporary film that represents our client company.

    The practice is now widespread - you may have seen it on taxis, buses, lorries, commercial fleet vans, trains and even aeroplanes.

  5. What types of vehicle are acceptable?
  6. We accept all vehicle types from small cars to large vans, with no preference. The advertisement will be uniquely designed to suit all makes and models. We also accept vehicles of any colour.

    Obviously, advertisers want their adverts to be seen on vehicles that are in reasonable condition, so vehicles that are less than six or seven years old are more likely to be selected for wrapping than older vehicles.

  7. Can I register if I have a company car?
  8. We do accept vehicles on company leases although we accept no responsibility for any issues this may cause with your associated company. Before registering with Pro-Motor we advise that you seek permission from the companies concerned. We also recommend you inform any leasing/finance companies that may have interest in the vehicle.

  9. Can I register my commercial van, truck, car or taxi fleet?
  10. If you own a fleet of vehicles of any size please contact us via our Ďcontact usí page to discuss personalised packages. We can offer a substantial monthly income with no affect to your daily routine.

  11. Am I able to choose what sort of advertising I have on my vehicle?
  12. We are appreciative of the fact that a personís vehicle can portray something about himself or herself. Consequently, we will approach you with advertisements we think appropriate, and it is your decision whether to accept the brand or not. There are no penalties for declining a wrap and it will not affect our decision to select you for future campaigns. Additionally, we encourage you to inform us if there are any categories/brands you are particularly keen to advertise.

  13. How far do I have to drive?
  14. You don't need to change your driving habits at all. When you register, you tell us your usual drive patterns, which we then match to our advertisers needs.

  15. Will the advertisement damage my paintwork?
  16. Experienced professionals, who will take care of your vehicle during the process, will carry out the vinyl application and removal. During its time on your vehicle, the vinyl will cover paintwork, protecting it from UV rays, light scratches, stone chips, and salt corrosion. It is highly unlikely to have any adverse effect, as long as the paintwork is of original factory standard and hasnít suffered damage through neglect, e.g. sratches, impact damage, rust etc.

  17. Will my vehicle insurance be affected?
  18. By applying a vinyl to your vehicle, your motor insurance premium should not be affected. The application of vinyl graphics makes your vehicle unique and distinctive, therefore less attractive to thieves. We do recommend that you inform your insurers upon application of the vinyl though.

    The DVLA has ruled that as it is reversible, there is no requirement to notify them of any change of vehicle colour that would come with a temporary wrap.

  19. How long will I have the wrap for?
  20. It depends on the advertiser's requirement. The minimum is likely to be a month and we expect the average to be about 2-3 months. When one vinyl is been removed, your vehicle becomes immediately available for another one.

    There is no guarantee that we will continuously use your car, but, as Pro-Motor becomes increasingly popular with advertisers, so will your chances of being used.

  21. How long will it take to apply the advertisement?
  22. The vinyl application process usually takes no more the 1 working day to complete. Depending on your location, we will apply the vinyl at your home or place of work. However, if this is unfeasible, you may be asked to travel to the fitting workshop.

  23. How do I register for the scheme?
  24. To register, please complete our online Registration Form, filling out honestly and to the best of your knowledge. Your personal details shall be kept on our secure database and under no circumstances should any of your details be passed on to a third party.

  25. What happens after I register?
  26. Once you have completed the online Registration Form and submitted it to us, we evaluate your vehicle suitability and individual compatibility. You will be contacted and assigned an identification number when your vehicle has been selected for a scheme. If you accept, arrangements will be made to apply the vinyl.

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